Grasscloth wallpapers are crafted exclusively from sustainable resources. The paper backing is biodegradable. The grasses used are cultivated on pesticide and fertilizer-free plantations. In terms of energy consumption, the manufacturing process is highly efficient, with minimal electricity usage, primarily during the fiber extraction phase known as decortication.

The weaving of the wallcovering is a manual, electricity-free process. As a result, the final product is not only environmentally friendly but also biodegradable. It's worth noting that while sisal plantations may replace virgin rainforests, the farming methods employed are considered less environmentally destructive compared to other alternatives.


The packing materials we use are mostly paperbased. We pack all our orders in FSC mix credit papers and cartons.
The cellophane plastics that we use for protective purposes can be fully recycled.


We print with waterbased, solvent-free inks that are GREENGUARD GOLD certified, meaning our inks meet the strict VOC requirements of federal, state, and local governments. Completely odorless and not harmful for the environment.